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Dust Mites

Dust mites are actual living creatures that you can’t see or detect with the naked eye. These microscopic creatures thrive under specific conditions, such as temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and an air humidity between 70-80%. These are the very same conditions often found in our bedrooms, and more specifically, in our mattresses. In fact, they cannot survive in cold and dry environments.
These facts coupled with the dust mite diet that consists of dead epithelial tissue (skin) of which humans shed approximately 1 gram each day, has made these creatures more than just a nuisance. An average of 2-3 million mites live in mattresses offloading their dung, along with skin scales and mold into them. These mites produce approximately 200 times the excrement of their body weight in their lifespan.
According to Web MD, about 20 million American live with dust mite allergy. This is an allergy with many symptoms where it feels like you have an endless cold.

Allergies & Asthma

A single piece of dust can contain dead skin, dust mites, dead cockroaches, pet dander, and even mold spores. Many of these are common allergy triggers, including cockroach waste and body parts. Being constantly exposed to dust with this type of content has been linked to a rise in dust allergies. Some of the most common areas where these elements accumulate include carpets, under and behind furniture, beds and mattresses. They can cause stains in your mattresses over time and can negatively affect quality of sleep.
There is a common misconception where dust bunnies (balls) are simply perceived as gross incoveniences, however nothing could be further from the truth. They are major triggers for asthma attacks, inflammation of the skin and mucous membrane of the nose, reddening of the eyes, and coughing.
The best way to protect oneself is to limit your dust exposure and to exercise a proper cleaning schedule of your home and in particular your bedroom.

Fungal Spores

Dust has been shown to contain various concentrations of mold. In turn both mold and mildew have been shown to be leading causes of allergies. The seeds of mold also known as fungal spores, travel through air when the fungi are reproducing. Unlike dust mites that only like warm and humid environments, fungal spores thrive in various different conditions depending on their type. Therefore, regardless of season, conditions, or indoor environment, different fungi will find different conditions optimal. Trying to outmaneuver fungi by making their environment inhospitable is not a proven method.
When fungal spores are inhaled by humans or pets, allergic reactions can arise. More disturbing is the fact that lengthy exposure to mold can cause long lasting health effects if not dealt way as soon as possible.

The Mattrex Solution

As you might have quickly realized, there is no waterproof way or method of avoiding health and sanitary concerns related to your bedroom, and more specifically, your bed and mattress.
Most of us have learned to maintain a proper and reasonable cleaning schedule when it comes to our home, office, car, and much more. We routinely dust, vacuum, and mop our homes, wash our clothes and detail our cars. Have you ever wondered why the same sanitary routines do not apply to our mattresses that we often use for years if not decades?
At Mattrex our primary goal is to educate, because we believe that with proper knowledge most Americans will take action to maintain their mattress hygiene. Today, mattress hygiene and sanitation is a problem because it's not an issue that can be detected visually, or is it ever discussed.
Mattresses are the most occupied living space with a lifespan of 15-20 years. We spend 8 hours a day sleeping on our mattress, approximately 1/3rd of our lives in which we are exposed to mites and bacteria. It doesn't matter how often sheets are changed or if someone has attempted to vacuum their mattress. There could be millions of mites along with other harmful bacteria and contaminants deeply embedded below the surface.
Do the right thing and contact Mattrex to clean and sanitize your mattress!