About Mattrex

Our Mission

Mattrex, Inc. is a Los Angeles based mattres sanetizing/cleaning company. At Mattrex we believe the best way to service our community is not only through mattress cleaning but forth most through proper informationa and education.

Many Americans today are not aware of the potential risks and health hazards involved with unsanitary mattresses. Most of us routinely clean and wash furniture upholstery, carpets, and rugs. How many however, can claim that they have santized their mattres? This is especially relevant and concerning considering the life expectancy of many mattresses ranging from 10 to 15 and even 20 years.

At Mattrex we like to spread accurate and educational information that encourages customers to take action because it's the right thing to do not because of fear-based tactics and marketing. Therefor we invite you to reach out and contact us with any questions you might have in regards to mattress cleaning and sanitation.

Our Vision

With proper knowledge we believe many if not most will take appropriate action to routinely sanitize their mattresses. That is where we'd like to be your partner in not only providing the best service but also making it as seamless as possible.
Mattrex offers various mattress cleaning services but is also developing a patent pending technology that will kill 99.99% of bugs by simply visiting you. Stay tuned for more information as our latest services are rolled out.

Committed to excellence

Our Promise

By making mattress cleaning as simple and hassle free as possible we believe most will opt to have their beds as clean if not cleaner than their carpets and sofas.

We invite you to contact our specialist and to ask questions, with proper information and knowledge you will be better equiped to make the right decistion.

That's where Mattrex will take over and make sure that the entire process from order and scheduling to the sanitization is seamless as possible, that is our approach and our promise.
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